In June of 2015 our world was rocked with a storm that took less than a half hour to destroy the mobile home, uproot fencing and pens, and forever change many things. There has been much good come from it, but as we relaunch the website and many other things, it will take time to find a new normal. We appreciate SO MUCH our neighbors, our customers who have stood by us, the agriculture community that came forth to help and many folks who helped with meals, clothes, supplies, sawing up trees and more.

Nothing is taken for granted.

It's been a struggle but so much has changed. Perimeter fencing, home repairs at "the office" now pressed into living quarters. Almost two years has passed and so much has changed. In 2016 appearance was made at the Walker County Farmer's Market, where I'll be in 2017 also. Every dime available goes to trying to make things better. Trees were planted and gardens have been built and fences put up but there is so much to do still! 2018 will see additional changes and possibilities with home raised meats direct to customers, and continuing to expand farmer's market selections.

As the two year mark approaches it seems so long ago and so recent at the same time. Many hands helped with sawing, moving, sorting, working. Last year was spent building fences and more at "the Office" which now is home. Much to do still - fixing problem areas but so much progress. So many blessings.

Every customer who helps get one more sheet of plywood, one more box of nails continues to help. Thank you.