Started Plants

Seasonal offering in the spring is seedlings to plant in your garden or garden in a bucket with a prepared plant in a bucket ready to go on your patio or deck.

Our Products


Herbs...savor them! Several types of mint, rosemary, stevia, sage, basil and many more. Not just the ordinary, oh no. Cinnamon basil, chocolate mint and others go beyond!

Lean Rabbit

Rabbit is lean, great alternative in a variety of dishes from enchiladas to chili to fried. It isn't like chicken, and is much leaner.

Herbal Salve

Herbal salve to sooth skin irritation or sore muscles. I have both regular and some made with coconut oil. Available at farmers markets I attend, or I can ship for an additional fee. $10 at farmers market, $18 shipped


Fresh homemade fudge, candy and baked goods are available at the booth at the farmer's markets. Special is peppers, herbs and  baked goodies.

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OK, they’re not just gorgeous, they're different. From unusual colors to different tastes, the heirlooms have held up in food production for decades, some over 100 years ago! Taste the tradition.


Our peppers offer sweet and hot, as well as blazing hot for those wanting extra heat. From sweet bells to heirlooms like Bull Nose to major heat of Scotch Bonnet and Reapers, we have peppers for all tastes.

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Small livestock

Home raised with a good life of food, care and sunshine. Lamb, goats raised for food. We are taking meat CSA bookings now at the online store