Jan grew up on a family farm in Illinois. She has kept most types of livestock on small scale as well as worked for larger scale dairies, and is interested in the diversity agriculture offers. That also provides diversity in the kitchen, from herbs to a variety of tomatoes, peppers and other goodies. An alumni of 4-H, FFA and Black Hawk East community college, she has hands on experience and has made plenty of mistakes along the way that offer life lessons.

Now in Alabama, a small farm - microfarm, urban farm depending on the label one wants to use, is life now. What is grown changes and evolves as markets, time and interest does. 

Connor moved to Alabama after the passing of his mom, Jan's "adopted sister" friend. He's grown into a young man set on making his own mistakes and finding much along the way. He's learned electrician work which has included rewiring the home they have lived in since the storm in 2015. He's busy doing odd jobs around Nauvoo and helping at church where he can.

Today SlowMoneyFarm offers a variety of fresh produce, herbs and small farm meats direct to consumer. We also sell at the Walker County Farmer's Market in 2017 and appear in community events when we can. Direct sales can also be done, picked up in a mutual public location, and shipping of many items can be done for those in the lower 48 USA states.