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meat rabbits

It's often said any cow or hog is meat, and rabbits are no different! Any rabbit can serve as a meal, but smaller breeds make it harder. We're setting about making our special line of outstanding meat rabbits. Giant Chinchillas, Californians, Champagne D'Argents, Silver Fox and New Zealands are just some of what's behind our meat rabbits genetically.

A combination of good genetics leads to more muscle, which means more (and better quality) meat. We're developing meat rabbits with hybrid vigor that excel. Pictured above is two bucks we're currently using - the one on the left is a Silver Fox Champagne D'Argent cross, while the white is actually a ghost Giant Chinchilla. The whites, called "ghosts" are normally castoffs. He has the wrong color for show,  but with a background of large, outstanding muscled animals behind this white, he'll be a meat producer. We have first test litters by both of these bucks, and a promising future for both.

 You see, we want something you just can't get anywhere else, and we want the best we can produce. 

This is a crossbred Giant Chinchilla dressed rabbit - long bodied, meaty. The taste is somewhat between pork and chicken, mild, and takes seasoning well. This was one of the rabbits that went to a farm share customer, and is typical of the rabbits we produce.

Big, long, fast growing and good size is important for meat production. Commercial production focuses on white rabbits, but in buying direct the color of the rabbit doesn't matter. We strive for a good tasting meat from heritage stock. We appreciate your support! Order some rabbit more rabbit!
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