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We have multiple levels of activity in Slow Money Farm - there's the custom raised food level where you agree to a set fee to produce food for you, similar to a CSA except that you get all in a certain area rather than dividing between so many people. Many that are out of the area, or want to support the farm but are comfortable with their food choices, may be interested in sponsorship.

A growing interest and request for sponsors makes this a possibility. Some from out of the area had shown faith in the idea of SlowMoneyFarm but are not close enough in New York or California or Washington.

The possibility was launched of using donated funds to launch just that - giving back. In $25 or $50 levels it buys a level of produce or meats for a military family or other in need. This is the same food we eat and would grow for others. There is the very real possibility of helping a couple thousand people this way, as well as providing funds for establishing the farm through land purchase. If you live outside the area with an interest in small farms and helping others this is a great way to do it.

With the economy it's no secret many are hurting. We see them too - in and around Nashville as well as other cities. With this outreach it brings good food to those whom otherwise could not afford it. This is a temporary hand up to a soldier's family, a single mom or others who fall through the cracks.

In addition to this is sponsoring a tree - allowing a living memory of a departed loved one that also feeds people - including packages such as the above one. Sponsoring a memorial tree is a way to have a living memorial to your loved one.

Trees such as these produce fruits and nuts as well as the many well-documented advantages to trees. They allow for wildlife and the farm would also allow for pheasant, quail and other wildlife habitat. If you've ever heard a pheasant rooster on a spring morning it's something that truly money can't buy - but it is needed to provide the opportunity for it to happen!

What's a sunset worth? A field that allows wildlife and food for people? Trees overlooking such a place are a way to honor a life that gives life. There is a limit to space and number of tree sponsors we will take. If interested in sponsorships you can do this from anywhere, be a part of bringing a farm to life and get many benefits, as well as some surprises. We are only beginning and there is so much to do we don't want to wait another week. Join us. Make a small farm habitat happen. The benefits are more than you can imagine.

Additional sponsorships are available for poultry - choose a turkey, duck, chicken or goose and sponsor the foundation of a heritage flock! Look through our storefront for sponsorship opportunities. From trees to garden space - there are ways to get involved in the SlowMoneyFarm venture!

Home produced, seasoned and processed beef jerky is unlike anything you'll buy at the store. For Jerky lovers we will be producing several breeds that are lean naturally and can be sliced "bacon thick" for seasoning and drying in your dehydrator.

Sponsors - aside from the bag/box of food which is a low level way to give there's other plans. It's finding those people - truly being able to touch a couple thousand families with a gift of food. There is no gift of hope more than knowing a stranger cares.

Sponsoring an animal - cost is for sponsoring one rare breed breeding animal. Prices vary with poultry and rabbits being on the low end to cattle being the highest. Includes pasture, housing, basic animal maintenance. See photos several times per year of your animal. (all individually identified) These are not meat animals but may be producers of them. A poultry sponsorship allows for starting a group of 15-25 depending on species rare breeds.

We'll also have clinics and activities as the farm is purchased. If you're interested in "homestead" or small farm things and interested in food preservation, growing and other classes and clinics sign up for a group.

We've tried to think of things of a variety of levels of costs and service to earn our way rather than just "send money." The biggest goal is setting up a farm that will eventually go on to another generation. We appreciate your support more than words can say. The memberships and tree sponsorships go directly towards purchase of the land - the boxes & poultry sponsorships can be started now to help finance equipment and land starting where we are. 
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