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Small Livestock

A step up from the poultry and rabbits are other small livestock - pigs, goats and sheep. We are moving forward and very excited to be now taking orders for farm shares that include pork and lamb! The public attention on meat issues, gestation crates and other management systems means we are doing more than talking - we're offering a viable alternative!

As land is purchased and fences constructed our  conservation project will focus on several breeds and/or crosses of breeds. These are selected for performance ability in a practical standpoint as well as for breeding to maintain the breed. Because these are adapted to outdoor situations they will be easier to maintain in such a situation.

 With using good pasture management we can help the sheep truly be in their environment. Our pigs will be raised with access to the outside, and we'll be taking orders for just 200 pigs (including farm shares!) so contact us to sign up!

Our pigs will have room outdoors to move around but with an indoor area that is cooled naturally to insure top animal comfort and care. This means particular safety and comfort for the pigs, who don't sweat in hot weather and can become cold in those months that make us all shiver. They'll have room to root in the ground, but still receive care. We will have some sows, and for those concerned about gestation crates, we won't be using those here. Our sows will have individual pens that allow moving around, and yet prevent dominant sows from bullying more timid ones. This is an alternative that we feel works better for us and provides the alternative customers are looking for. This also means our pigs will, in time, live their entire lives on one farm, with a short ride (less than a half hour) to the processor, who will turn the hogs into your dinners, breakfast and other culinary delights. 

Among those planned:

North Country Cheviot
California Red
Nigerian Dwarf
kiko/boer cross (meat goats)

As a result of keeping these we will also keep mammoth jackstock for protection in the field. These are the largest of donkeys, those of the type that made the south famous for draft mules in early times when real draft power was used.

Be it pigs, sheep or goats animal comfort and humane care is a concern. The use of rare breeds is a heritage livestock conservation project that also in function provides food for customers. Food choices. Farm choices.
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