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SlowMoneyFarm concept

We're not about being the biggest. While volume is needed to feed the nationwide population we're looking at instead focusing small, in a different management style. This option is directed towards those who want a personal choice in their food. It's a farm that considers more than just what is produced to sell. Producing for others allows us to provide for ourselves too, with the same heritage and heirloom livestock and plants raised for sale.

At SlowMoneyFarm, it's more than just selling produce or meats or eggs. It's creating a reason for existence of the animals providing it. It's creating a way for one more small farm to be maintained in the countryside for years to come. It enables us to take charge of our food supply and share it with you.

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The concept of Small Money Farm is small scale. It's using heritage breeds as much as possible as well as many heirloom garden plants.

Trees and some bushes take a year or two, sometimes more than that, to be big enough to start producing. However in that time food prices continue to go up. More food is imported from out of the country.

By taking part in SlowMoney Farm your food supply is insured. We'll not only be here but producing the same food for you that we use in our own homes.

It also saves you money. Grocery prices continue to climb. Many meats are upwards of $3 per pound. This isn't including the price for "heritage", "natural" or "organic" meats. A ready market keeps our prices more steady. With our larger shares you can lock in your food prices until the end of your share, which could be one or two years.
Another option for those inside or outside the area wishing to donate to help others is sponsorship of groceries that will go directly to those in need. Enough of these allows the farm to start under its own power as well as helps those who need a hand up with fresh food. $25 and $50 boxes bring food to those most in need, many who may not qualify for other programs. If this is an option you might be interested in please contact us. Thank you!
We have started where we are with what we have. We're working on the purchase of land, expanding raised beds and a great deal more.

As land in Alabama and Kentucky is purchased, we'll start on herb beds, an orchard and interconnected management of land.

The use of a flat fee up front allows for covering expenses and allowing an instant market. Garden plants will return food this year as well as poultry and rabbits. Some  other ventures may be late this year or into next year before producing.

Nut trees can be 5-7 years before producing, while berry bushes may be a year or two. Grafted varieties produce quicker, but cost more, and all takes time.

We offer what big corporations can't - personalization.

Further it's documented in online blog and newsletter which you'll get as a subscriber. As we get set up you'll see young laying pullets transform from peeping balls of fluff to healthy, productive egg layers. In time some  of the rare breeds will lay and hatch babies of their own.
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