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Time to Get Away?

Sometimes you just need to get away! One of the ideas for SlowMoneyFarm is development of an agri-tourism destination. Call it a farm vacation, spiritual retreat,  haycation or what you want, they've become popular for hay rides, fall pumpkin patch or corn maze events and much more. Ours will be small - with a rotating variety of groups. From a Christian retreat to a more general spiritual retreat, or womens retreat times as well as writing retreats, there will be several of each type every year. 

Stroll in the gardens or sit under the covered porch watching the sun set. Look over a peaceful setting of memorial trees, planted as living memorials that are in honor of loved ones. Take part in a writer's retreat or come visit for a hands on clinic or week long stay. Share sleeping quarters with 2 people or for a little more book a private cabin. These aren't deluxe accommodations- they're country simplicity at work. Some ideas will be a roughing it 'global' perspective. Scroll down for some of the ideas in the works!

Some retreats may have special guests for a songwriter retreat while another may be a general writing retreat. There is plenty of time to spend on writing as well...along with inspiration.
*Songwriter's Retreat
*Finding Inspiration
*Non-fiction from blogs to websites
A weekend or a week. Relax, sleep in and read or get away from it all by observing live in a flower or herb garden. Increase cooking skills, learn to dry food, learn crafts or just enjoy the country air- there will be some scheduled for all!
Christian Retreat
*Lessons in life, communication connecting farm and livestock to people and life, non-denominational.
*How lessons in farming relate to Christian life
* Examples of sheep, goats - hands on comparisons
* How a horse can improve your communication with others.
* Lessons in the garden

* Come away with a new appreciation of our basic food, shelter, day to day provisions in this Christian or Spiritual retreat. How can we better serve our communities?
  Spiritual Retreat
*Non denominational retreat similar to our Christian retreat. Animals and a farming lifestyle teach us much about relating to each other.
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