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Recycling Matters

Fall leaves in chicken pen.

Local recycling

If you're near our Nauvoo Alabama location, talk to us! Among the items we can take for reuse/repurposing:
* old stock tanks or other containers, leaks ok                                
* plastic milk jugs (rinse them out please)
* coffee cans - plastic or metal
* Rinsed buckets, with or without the lids, leaks ok                         
* building supplies - scrap lumber, wire, blocks, roofing tin
* non-working refrigerator, small glass front would be awesome       
* bathroom cabinet
* old ladders                                    
* old swing set
* small trailers - 3x5 or  4x8
* truck bed
* truck bedliners, shell (leaks, cracks ok)   
* half dozen small old tires - 13" or so
* shipping pallets                        
* Clean glass jars
* old jeans                      
* old windows

We offer some pick up of items in Carbon Hill, Jasper, Nauvoo. Keep these things out of the landfills!

Recycling, green, composting - we've been doing it for years. It's not a fad for us, it just makes sense to use something up rather than throw it out to go "somewhere". The #1 'crop' in America is grass, and some of that goes to landfills. Look at the number of open mowed areas - some deposit the clippings into the lawn, while others bag the clippings to be hauled off. Yard 'waste' - tree limbs, leaves and so forth - and food 'waste' from restaurants add to the amount in landfills and it's an ongoing issue to find more landfills in some areas.

Got grass? Don't throw it "away" - recycle! We take unsprayed grass trimmings at no charge! Save disposal costs, keep green items out of landfills.

We have a solution - using it! We take these items and turn it into compost. Usprayed  clippings combine with manure from the rabbits and chickens to add soil nutrition for peppers, tomatoes and other things in our raised beds. We also reuse many other items.
We accept for no disposal charge at this time:
* Grass clippings                                   
* weeds, leaves, limbs - other yard waste             
* clean fill dirt
* Restaurant waste - vegetable, pasta, breads etc                                                               
* wood or plastic pallets
* tree 'waste'   - shredded or chipped wood.
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