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Are you interested in raising your own garden but don't want the work? Would you rather have an option of having your garden there with you? We can do that! We're taking limited bookings first paid first scheduled - locations around Nashville, Tennessee and south central Kentucky as well as Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, the Shoals Alabama. These are paid and scheduled now, then set in either spring, or fall.

This option gives you a 4'x10' raised bed on your property. You don't have to do any backbreaking digging, and you know where your food is produced. The raised bed saves on water, increases fertility and provides a compact place to grow food - that's 40 square feet of space to grow delicious peppers, tomatoes and other garden goodies. We set the bed up, fill it with soil, compost and plant it for you. You then need only do limited weeding, watering and succession planting on short season crops, and harvest the food produced! And the raised bed, once installed, can easily be planted at the beginning of each year. We will do the first planting and can give an optional wire cover to keep rabbits/deer/dogs out, or an optional plastic hoop to extend the growing season. We use organic, heirloom and (depending on customer preference) hybrid seed, no GMO varieties are available.

Although we've had great success with raised beds, we cannot make guarantees for things out of our control, such as storms, lack of water and other issues that affect the crop. However, this is an option that can provide a considerable amount of food. Choose from vegetable or herb. This offers the most control with the least amount of effort. 
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For additional information on raised beds visit here.

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