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In 2015 we have a limited trial of a community garden, located in Nauvoo Alabama. This is a great option for someone who wants a hands on approach, but wants someone there also. While we have custom raised bed options, this is taking it to a new level!

I will have twelve 5x10' raised beds available and twelve 3x10' beds available. This is being set up as a cooperative community and as such there will be occasional events available, but you are not obligated to attend them.

Soil Considerations

  • Is there enough soil? Beds have mixed compost – layer of mulch, compost/manure, topsoil. Rabbit, poultry manure available for fertilizing – other fertilizers, etc on your own.
  • Who will pay for soil amendments? Cost does not include special soil amendments you choose to use; does not have to be organic – it’s up to you to control pests, disease in your raised bed and your yield will depend in many ways on the choices you make.We reserve the right to limit pesticide use, and do not allow herbicides to be used in the raised beds.
  • What types of amendments or additives are acceptable? You may use fungicides, pesticides but do so carefully and in your bed only. Nothing may be sprayed if wind is over 10 mph. Organic amendments to help your crop grow are welcome including blood meal, bone meal, fertilizers, etc.No herbicides allowed - plan on weed control through non-chemical means. We will include small amounts of pesticide optional but these will have to be checked out as needed (kept locked up inside).
  • You are welcome to have the material tested with a soil test at the extension office at your expense.

Seeds / Transplants

  • Who will provide the seeds and/or transplants? Includes up to $50 in seed. We can probably get you a better deal cooperatively than separate – if 6 people are ordering something, a more cost effective size split 6 ways helps all. We will have plenty of banana peppers. Seedlings raised in greenhouse on site available also. Our focus is heirloom but hybrid seed is welcome. Please remember this is a community – working together is important. If saving seed, plan to insure cross pollination doesn’t occur. Green manure crops are welcome at your cost. Due to the size of the plots, it is not practical for any GMO seeds to be used.
  • How will decisions be made about what is grown? You have full choices on what to grow - legally - in your raised bed area, but SlowMoneyFarm has the final say. I don’t want to micromanage but long term productivity and consideration is needed.To be very clear, no marijuana allowed anywhere on the property. Violation of this results in destruction of the bed and immediate termination of the agreement without refund. The intent is for raising vegetables to empower food choices

Water Considerations

  • Can the gardener use the water? Yes there will be water available on site.One of the projects will be a water reclamation system with water from the roof used for irrigation when needed. The site is in a small depression that is naturally moist, reducing irrigation but water will be available when needed.
  • Who does the watering? Ultimate responsibility is garden renter. We will help on request within reason. Drip irrigation with 5 gallon buckets can be arranged and filled if desired.

Harvest Considerations

  • Who will harvest the food? Prefer one person/family per bed – you may split but we take no responsibility in disputes over harvest splits.
  • How will the harvest be distributed? What is in your bed is yours. Not entitled to pick from other beds. We will include personal amounts of herbs maintained by SlowMoneyFarm. This may include mint (several varieties), stevia, rosemary, possibly others as available. Options of additional packages including eggs, dressed meats at additional cost.

Privacy and Security Considerations

  • Who can enter the garden? (children, partners, friends, pets) Any pets MUST be on leash less than six feet long (no retractable leashes) and strictly confined for their safety and for resident safety and you must clean up after them. Partners, children welcome. Be respectful of others, keep children out of other gardens. You are responsible for the safety and risk of yourself and all guests. No pets off leash. Do not attempt to move rabbits or birds grazing between beds. 
  • What space can be used? – garden area, personal use of greenhouse hoop. Tools are welcome to be used – please clean and return them to the storage area when done. Fences may be used for climbing plants, for those with 3x10 spots. We will work on having other things available as resources allow for 5x10 including portable greenhouse caps. Each bed will have a marker- seasonal decorations allowed within reason. No tools to be removed from the property.
  • You may have access to the garden bed from 730 a.m. until dark daily. If you are an early riser and would like access early in the morning, especially in the warm days of summer, this can be arranged. Talk to me.
What about locks and gates? Fences reduce theft but we can’t eliminate it. Not responsible for theft, storms, flood, drought, normal risks of farming on any scale.

Your fee covers using a bed from October 2014 to October 2015 – you may winter garden or start in the spring, you may use green manure at your cost or not.
Cost of the beds: 5x10 raised bed $400.DISCOUNT FOR CASH UP FRONT - Cash price is $375.

This puts the cost at a great value for produce. If you use extended season growing - for example wheat through the winter and produce in the spring and summer it can be a substantial amount of food as well as educational opportunities for homeschoolers and adults. Clicking the PayPal button to buy is acceptance of the above terms and policies of SlowMoneyFarm

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Although we've had success with raised beds, we cannot make guarantees for things out of our control, such as storms, lack of water and other issues that affect the crop. However, this is an option that can provide a considerable amount of food. Choose from vegetable.  
Contact us today if interested in this option!

There are only FIVE of each of these available! This is a pilot program.

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