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The image of a chicken farm varies widely. From remembering grandparents with chickens to large farms that raise birds in volume there seems to be extremes. Our farm is different. It's not just chickens!

  These are crossbred layer hens. We seek to expand, maintain and develop a purebred flock also such as our Black Australorps (below). Follow our blog for news on the birds as well as other things. We welcome sponsorship of poultry also for purebred starter flocks. As we have room to do so pastured poultry will be a higher focus, as we have breeds adapted to outdoor poultry production. Heritage poultry breeds are ideal for outdoor systems and we will offer turkey, geese and even some more unusual birds such as guineas in addition to chickens and ducks.

We also have a small flock of Muscovy ducks. They have a very distinctive appearance and very much unlike other ducks! 

From a practical standpoint Muscovy ducks are good at setting their eggs and we'll - in the future - 'employ' the Muscovy hens in setting eggs for rare duck breeds. The Muscovy duck is a challenge in that they fly better than other domestic ducks. They also are unlike other ducks in that they will roost off the ground. In some cases they can be considered an invasive species but also are a good meat duck, allowing for production of outdoor raised duckling with minimum fuss. If you're interested in duck meat, we will have some available in our farm shares.

Now grown:

We seek also to maintain several other breeds of chickens (right now have just hens of these, as we need more room to maintain roosters for each breed). If interested in sponsoring the preservation project of chickens, ducks, turkey or geese please see the store. This chicken farm is dedicated to rare breed preservation as well as egg and meat production. The purchase of duck meat, eggs, chicken meat and more helps keep the farm going.

We now have starter flocks of Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock (barred), black Australorp, Dominique, Buckeye, brown Leghorn, Americauna, Delaware and three types of Cornish. With these we'll be able to offer sexed link layers, as well as pure strains.
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