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Our Country Life

Welcome to another reason why we do what we do - we love it! We're passionate about food choices, as is seen in our blog. There are bad days when an animal is lost, a storm wipes out a half grown garden or we see people we want to help and can't. But the good is so good! This is a new section - watch for it to grow!

This is a section of things that we like that may not be considered a part of things productive. The dogs, pets, the little things we find down back roads and things in the country that make life special. Sunsets, sunrise, special times with friends and family and a host of other things make living where we work a rewarding experience, despite being 'on call' at all hours.

After all, when something breaks there's no boss to call. If an animal dies, it's a loss beyond financially. When something is damaged or a storm blows through it's beyond our control but we must adapt. It's the rural way.

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