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Naturally raised foods

Many livestock breeds were made to get by on foraging. Pasture, hay and other forages make up the backbone of their diet. There are many labels applied to what "naturally raised" foods mean and to us we strive to as much as possible allow for plenty of room while still allowing maximum observation and care for our animals.

These ducklings are started in a  small area with heat. However once they start growing and feather out they are much easier to care for and happier outside. Like chicks, goslings and turkey poults they are somewhat fragile when hatched and need warmth. Our viewing area provides transparency of your food supply. You can find many with third party verification but we go a step further - you SEE the animals from the comfort of your home. This allows for greater security and biosecurity but also allows you to see how the animals are raised.

Once they feather out and are outside ducks are hardy birds that love an unexpected shower. Other species prefer to be under shelter during the rain.

Small livestock is currently the backbone of SlowMoneyFarm. Poultry, rabbits, pigs, sheep & goats are economical to keep without a lot of room. A few cattle will also be maintained as the operation grows but that really needs more than 20 acres for full time pasture or, alternately, leasing pasture land.

Slow Money Farm seeks to share and teach about agriculture - a diverse industry. Be it well run large farms or smaller operations we'll bring information your way as well as food.Join us on Twitter or Facebook for updates of plans, profiles of animals, and view our blog for additional information on ag, options and your food supply. 

We have a focus on heritage/heirloom breeds for a good reason. Many for hundreds, or thousands, of years fed American families quite well in a home setting. As a custom farm with options our 'home' food production will be more than just ourselves. Growing food for you allows us to grow food for ourselves. That is beyond an income - it is independence from the swings of corporate decisions, it is common sense food without a government stamp of approval and we eat the same food grown in the same way you do. You will SEE our layer chicks grow.

This display is in a farm store but is similar to what we were thinking of doing, directing a webcam in the side to allow viewers to watch the babies grow, then as they get bigger will move to a larger area. You'll see them take the first sips of water up to where they lay their first eggs...there is little more transparent than that! The photo on the left was taken in a plexiglass display area in a farm store and is typical of what will be used to see the young chicks, turkeys and so forth grow.

There will be videos as well as possibly occasional gatherings but so much depends on the right land and getting started ASAP. There are some breeds that we plan on using that may not have another 10 years. Their numbers have dwindled over the last 20 and one hog breed may be gone from America forever. This was a breed developed for outdoor pasture raising that performs poorly in confinement. As small hog farms disappeared so did the Saddleback. There are others it isn't too late - yet.
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