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Memorial trees

A memorial tree is something that can stand on this earth long after we are gone. Memorial trees have been something that in our family provided comfort and a carrying on the memory of a departed loved one. It is a way to honor those who have left us far too soon. At SlowMoneyFarm we are marking it with a tree in memory of one no longer here.

This might be a way to remember on Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Veteran's Day, a birthday or wedding - the possibilities are many but all are a great way to help a small farm, help the environment and remember a friend or family member.

The Memorial Trees project offers a place to have a tree planted in memory of a loved one. Each memorial tree will have a small marker. English walnut, pecan, peach, apple, maple and other trees will also form an orchard that provides food, donated to those in need as a means of feeding the community. A limited number of trees are being offered to maintain soil health and shelter for our poultry project as well as trees along the borders that offer shelter and food to wildlife that share the farm.

he memorial tree project also goes towards the purchase of land and the trees that will be on it. It also includes forage maintenance in the treed area, a 2-3 acre part of the farm. There is no annual fee - just a one time sponsorship. Contact us to take advantage of having your love one remembered in our memorial trees area. $200 each - includes a personalized marker by each tree. A crop, some say, is for this generation - a tree is for the next one.

First paid first choice - choose from these remaining trees: pecans, English walnut, black walnut, peach, cherry, chestnut, hickory, apple, sugar maple, weeping willow, pine and oak.  Be sure to click all the way through and confirm payment - if you don't get a confirmation from SlowMoneyFarm, we didn't get your payment.


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