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Many people are removed from the farm. One aspect of SlowMoneyFarm is that you SEE the difference your money makes. You SEE bare areas become productive gardens. You SEE the arrival of berry bushes and nut trees, see them planted and growing. You SEE chicks, ducklings and goslings of rare breeds arrive, grow and become productive parts of the farm. 

As the berry yards and trees take hold the geese provide weed control. Unlike sheep or goats which can chew on the trees, geese are focused on grass. Many don't realise that geese are grazers that make excellent use of grass. They are also "watchdogs" - sounding an alarm if an intruder comes through. This makes them an asset for the garden patrol too.

This isn't about volume. Our openings are limited because it's not with an interest of thousands per year. Providing good food, room and shelter for our animals is important. They feed us - some more literally than others. Even pigs or lambs slated for the freezer still deserve good treatment while they are alive.

Chocolate mint is pictured. We will have several established "plugs" of this growing. Many are familiar with spearmint and peppermint (and we have those too!) but not so much chocolate, apple, orange and other varieties of mint. We also have herbs including stevia (natural sweet leaf plant) growing. If you look at the cost of certified organic, or organic herbs they are not cheap. We do not seek certification...but do employ the management of minimal anything used as - again - we eat it too!
Also started are several heirloom pepper plants, including Bull Nose, mini chocolate bell, mini yellow bell and Beaver Dam. Tomato varieties are also used, as well as edible flowers and spaghetti squash (left, center, right below respectively).

As part of SlowMoneyFarm you see agriculture at work close up. It's not a random news item on the news. In turn it can in time help others learn more. It employs people and 'employs' rare breeds of  animals that, without a 'job', cease to be kept at all. Extinction is forever.

Learning about agriculture goes beyond our program! It empowers you so that as a consumer you have a source of information. Food safety, environmental issues, humane treatment of animals and a healthy food supply are things we all want. We eat the same foods that we provide for others.
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