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Large Livestock

Large livestock are definitely animals that need area to move around and require pasture. The use of several key breeds allow pasture beef production, personal dairy animals and oxen from the dairy males not needed for breeding but having a suitable temperament for training. Additionally it allows room for critically rare draft horses, providing we have sufficient pasture available that they don't rely just on hay year round!

Among the animals planned:
Milking Devon (critical - under 200 registrations/year, less than 2,000 worldwide)
Red Poll
Brown Swiss
Charolais (not rare - originally triple purpose for milk, meat, draft)
Longhorn (not rare - for pasture maintenance and lean meat production - we have these selected)
Pineywoods (critical) 

American Cream (critical)
Suffolk (critical)
Shire (critical)
Hackney Horses
Appaloosa (not considered rare but we like them)

Mammoth Jackstock would also have a home here. These are the largest donkeys - traditionally used in producing draft mules as well as walking mules.
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