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We don't get what we deserve - we get what we negotiate. This principle from Charles Karrass is a basis for teaching negotiation.
Why does an attorney get the fee he or she charges? Because when we need the expertise we want someone to do a good job. Why does the auto dealer get a particular price on a vehicle? Negotiation. Terms. Yet the difference in a $15,000 car and a $100,000 is more than just going down the road - it's having the option to buy something not all can have. While we all have different talents and skills we have one thing in common- we eat.

What we eat may vary by choice but everyone needs food. People have choices - they can purchase what they can afford or they can purchase what they choose. Why do we deal direct with buyers? Because it's a better return for honest wages.

Addressing openly investments is a double edged sword! Some advise doing it as it goes along with our transparency while others advise not to ever discuss money openly! Some suspect scams if the agenda is hidden while others are offended if it's too open. There is no pleasing everyone, and we don't seek to please everyone. Investments means entrusting your hard earned money to us, slow money fashion. This is low risk, but admittedly not  at a fast return on investment that some investments may carry. However here your money goes further!

Money is always a difficult topic to talk about and yet it's needed to buy land and equipment.Good intentions, great ideas, loving the work is all great but in many aspects it's only cash that purchases goods and services.  We have a target goal needed to begin and a "would like to have" to do things better as well as a "must have" to start. At the same time recognizing that times are tough and what taxes don't take endless other things want a part of.

We received verbal agreement from an angel investor but after some time it was clear that funds were not really accessible. It meant a lost year of production and waiting isn't smart business. Inching forward is happening and with a goal in mind, it will get there. It will get their faster with cooperative investments.

Your money goes further at SlowMoneyFarm. Contact us today.

Bank financing is purely economic. It seeks that maximum output without consideration of restoration and conservation of breeds. There are many who believe an economic crash looms. Many believe and fear oil production is nearing an end. We're not experts in those topics but this much we know - those who got through the Depression had food and community. What if in 20-30 years oil supply is an issue? Will the Suffolk and American Cream still be around to provide draft power?

By investing in SlowMoneyFarm you make possible:

* Support of other small businesses - from a small USDA processing facility to meats to small businesses for barn construction.
* Local community participation - as an 11 year 4-H alumni this is a great program as is the FFA. Additionally we eagerly look forward to fairs and festivals to participate in.
* Best value approach. We don't look solely at the most we can grow but the best value. In sustainable, diversified fashion each part is connected to another.

Why consider this? That reason aside -

* In a contract for deed purchase signed in April 2006 we've been consistently on time with payments. We've had to juggle utilities sometimes, but our payment has always been made. Paid off early.
* We have experience. We don't need a period of learning to farm. That experience is there as well as a willingness to work.
* We don't rely on expensive when the best value is better. Cheaper is not always better. We seek - in land, equipment and livestock - the best value. A cheap trailer isn't a value if our animals fall through the floor.
* It keeps another parcel of land in production.
* It's investing that makes a difference. You see what your money does. It's documented and as we set up with cameras you see it living, thriving - something that doesn't happen when it is invested by others.

From a slow money investment standpoint this involves fewer people, slightly longer return and a unique opportunity that is not just financial.

We understand Wall Street and other investments are 'traditional'. We also believe, as do many, the investment of the future is agriculture. Everyone needs it - we eat. We're surrounded by agriculture. Talk to us. There are many in small investing organizations seeking a half million dollars or more. Our goal is much smaller - for land, and buildings. With venture capital and angel investors both getting increased attention in the media, it can be good business to deal with a small business directly.
* We don't want to operate on credit - we seek amounts we can pay off as quickly as possible. Lower amounts help that happen quicker.
* It allows a faster return on your money.
* Payments made as income comes in, until paid off.
* Food or other purchases applied to balance (advanced orders are 'slow money' means of financing growth).

Plans for repayments:
* Retreats - some call it "haycations" - a chance to get away for several days for a fee. A half dozen successful retreats can raise repayment fees and allow expansion.
* Animal sales - at $50-100 each for pedigreed breeding stock of rabbits it would take a long time to raise the funds. With more room we can supplement with other species, including some there isn't room for at present.
* Production animals - if we focused on just pigs, at $600 each it would take 50 pigs to raise $30,000 - our way, in groups of 8-10 or so animals in large roomy pens - we can do that in a few groups - less than a year without crowding the area or the pigs. This is relying on just pigs, and utilizing an acre of ground or less. Planting an orchard our way will allow crops there as well as using the land under the trees for raising several breeds and types of poultry. This allows natural grazing for geese as well as bug patrol and fertilizing of about 3 acres of ground.
* Sale of fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, produce and other farm products.
*Clinics teaching others about building, farming, and more.

All of these can bring in income - but all rely on having the ground and equipment! It's difficult to get sales without having land in place.

You can invest in Wall Street - no longer as 'safe' as once thought - or Main Street - where you see your money at work daily. Our full startup - land, buildings, equipment and livestock, is a reasonable investment - with land purchase being the largest part of that. If you're looking for a slower, but safer return on your money, where you see it save a community and benefit not just one but several small businesses contact us. 

Additionally the money provides a basis for some things that are even beyond endangered breed conservation. It provides precious ground for pheasants and quail. It provides a stable that can accompany a couple ex race horses at a time and/or a possible retirement home for carriage horses. It provides an option for testing working dogs for permanent homes, aiming at reducing the numbers euthanized for lack of homes.
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