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  Paypal, cash in person, barter available. Ask if interested!

Pet Estate Services - Many wonder what will happen to their dog or cat if something happens to them. This option provides answers. Not only will your pet have a home away from home when needed, but long term arrangements insure that he or she won't end up at a shelter. Why use kennels where your pet is one of dozens - this provides personalized care. If something should happen to you, we will pick up your pet anywhere in the United States and his vacation home becomes a permanent one. He'll have food, shelter, comfortable bed and familiar toys and regular medical care. This is a custom situation - ask us if interested. Whether your pet is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, from rescue to champion there will be care and hands on attention as part of a family. Watch for this service for horse also!

ANIMALS  Will be listed when available. Strongly recommended to follow our social media pages if interested - they go fast when available.


Clinics - Learn hands on:
Making small hoop shelters for storage or animal housing.

Make a chicken coop, duck housing and portable structures

Hot beds and cold frames

Raised beds

Small 4x8' sheds for goats, sheep or calves 

Fence panels.

Sponsorships allow for building/expansion *and* provide food for those who need it.

A Box - As a means of helping others with a hand up sponsoring a box of food gets produce, meats and other food into the home of someone in need. This might be a military family or single parent with unexpected expenses that cuts into their food budget. $50

A Garden - Sponsoring a garden is an option we created for several reasons. It's a smaller area that is designed to give to others. It also is an option for memorials for loved ones lost that gives food to others as a means of continuing to make a difference. This option gives a small garden space for donation to others over an entire season rather than a box of food. Seed, raised bed area grown and food provided to those in need. Donation also provides eggs for those in need too. This is a way to help a season's produce to help others. $300

Sponsor a Poultry Breed - Many people love animals but don't have a way to keep them. With our sponsorship program it makes it possible to get our foundation birds started as quickly as possible. There will be several options within this. $45 Choose from:

Royal Palm, Bourbon Red, Black Spanish, Naragansett turkey turkeys

Ancona, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, Campbell ducks

Brahma, Rhode Island Whites, Plymouth rock, white wyandottes, brown/colored egg layer chicks

White Leghorn, white egg layer chicks

Pilgrim, Pomeranian, Cotton Patch, Shetland geese

The cost of heritage poultry does vary with species - it's not uncommon for turkeys and goslings to be $10 each and, as large growing birds they eat quite a bit! Initially this will be starting foundation animals in a smaller setting, allowing to grow for productive members of our 'team.' All poultry sponsors will get an email copy of "Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past" and the Getting By cookbook. Heritage sponsors are a great way to remember someone who loves antiques as they are living antiques, tracing back 100 years or more.

Sponsor a Rabbit - Sponsoring a rare breed rabbit can be a way to learn more about these fascinating creatures. American Chinchilla and Giant Chinchilla are both on the list with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Your sponsorship helps feed and shelter a show or breeding animal (not a meat rabbit although some of his/her offspring may be sold as fryers). Among the projects for 2012 is constructing 4'x8' raised hutches, allowing much more room for our large rabbits than standard cages, and working on a barn that is innovative in animal care. This is especially important for our "working does" with a litter.  $30 

Sponsor a tree - A family memorial tradition is planting a tree to honor someone. This is a way of insuring a living memorial and in that spirit we're offering an option for those who don't have room to do so. A limited number of these will be available - these include English walnut, pecan, apple, peach, cherry and other fruit and nut trees as well as maple trees, planted in a fenced area on the farm. You will receive photos of the planted tree and a marker will be put on the entrance honoring these lives. Several are already booked - planting will be as soon as land is closed. This will be a quiet area with  a nearby pond, with poultry naturally grazing and providing pests control in the fenced orchard area...a quiet spot on a small farm that not only stands as a memorial to lives gone before but feeds people as well. $100.


Are you interested in bartering for items or services? We will have some barter opportunities available - ask us if interested!
Barter items wanted - farm pickup (good mechanical condition critical), stock trailer in good condition, building materials - lumber, tin, fence panels, chain link, dog wire (2"x4" mesh), cattle panels.

Also wanted - old swingset, ladders, bath tubs.
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