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Down Country Roads

One of the options we're entertaining is hosting visitors for a "haycation" of a different kind! It's B&B mixed with hostel mixed with a heavy dose of country, stirred well and add a little sweat and some lemonade or sweet tea on the porch looking at a sunset similar to the one above. Be it country clinics or a chance to experience a farm hands on or a special writer's getaway if these appeal to you contact us! Limited space available - watch for further updates!! We're planning and taking reservations for the first on building. Learn hands on tasks and see what it takes from land to a farm. See it planted from the beginning. Reserve your spot now! $150 each, limited space per workshop. Be prepared for any kind of weather and be prepared to get dirty. Prepare to learn hands on and see a different side of things far from the big city. If you've thought about starting something from the ground up, about going off grid or other major changes, get a taste at our workshop before taking a jump that can cost you tens of  thousands of dollars.

Can you 'see' it? Envision fruit and nut trees scattered on this slope, enclosed and divided into four large pens with a pond in the low spot. Each has breeder flocks of chicken, turkey, duck and goose in a 'mini' community. The pens are patrolled on the outside by dogs and a donkey 24/7 to keep dogs and predators out. Pens for animals, garden areas and small structures dot the farm with a purpose.
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