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Dogs...they're in homes from cities to rural areas of hundreds of breeds and thousands of crossbred combination possibilities. They're pets, working partners, companions and lifelines. We love dogs with a special love of Border collies - a part of the Hoadley family for over 40 years - and Anatolian Shepherds as well as a host of other dogs both purebred and "mutts" (we like to call those "just good dogs"!).

We do not aim to be dog breeders. A few Anatolian Shepherds will work as natural predator patrol, and there will be border collies to help with handling the livestock. We would like to be able to test other dogs for working ability where livestock is concerned, helping to find homes for and place dogs that may otherwise be killed. Additionally we have plans to, as space is available, take in a very special veteran - a retired military working dog in need of a retirement home. Although it is planned this be one at a time if the right dogs allow for two that's certainly a possibility. Working dogs are dear to our hearts and, with a working farm, there is a job to insure healthy, happy dogs.

We're also offering a very limited, exclusive offer of pet care, seen on our sale page. Open to a limited number of clients, we'll insure that your dog has a home and care for life if something should happen to you, including pickup from anywhere in the continental US.

Dogs are represented in one of our calendars.

No matter whether you choose a dog from a breeder, a rescue dog or find yet another abandoned dog along the road, sometimes dogs - and people - need help. There has been some flack about an article I wrote because of the headline - Dog Shortages; Can It Be? - and maybe it will make people mad. Maybe it will strike others as odd that we kill millions of dogs while veterans and civilians wait years because dogs they need aren't available. Maybe it will make people think about something they never considered before as they aren't in need of a dog that will change their life. If you have experience training, are able to intensely train and give up a dog that gives freedom to someone else please consider doing so. Donations are needed to keep the dogs coming.
Check NEADS, PatriotPaws, Canine Companions for Independence or ECAD - just a few places that help provide dogs to soldiers. Dogs have helped with many tasks. They need homes as much as people need them.

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