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Building SlowmoneyFarm

The financial model put forth by Slow Money Farm is a bit different. Today's economic climate is, in the eyes of many, unstable. Taxes are charged not only at the state level but increasingly at the federal level, especially on those considered "rich".

The idea of directly dealing with customers to finance a farm, without a bank input, raises eyebrows. It puts a direct link between the farm and their market - you!
The memberships go directly for purchase of land, expansions and operating expenses. Because many of the rare breeds are dangerously low in numbers (some under 600) the push to get them on land is important. 

Suitable land has come up but we lacked the money on the table sign ups to make it happen. We hear "when you get to Kentucky we'll sign up" but we need the signup in order to get to Kentucky! A slow money concept loan or membership insures being able to move forward. This will only be open to a limited number of people, as it keeps us from overextending the land as well as time and finances.

This also keeps your money safer. While any investment is a risk, by investing in Slow Money Farm you know one thing: no matter what the markets do you will have food. Fresh food, grown for you without relying on commodity handouts. The land is there - it cannot be moved and hidden as might a car or other item. You'll know what your investment goes for because you will see it, and payment from the growth of the farm.

Further it begins things you can't find in major stores. Edible flowers, heritage meats and learning about food production. Sponsor a tree also goes to the land - obviously trees need the land to grow. This is a living and productive memorial option for those wanting to support the farm but too far away to do food.

Sponsoring a poultry breed is something that, due to the growth needed to be a part of the farm, would start immediately where we are. This covers purchase of day old birds, shipping and raising them so when we do get more land they are established and ready to go.

If you're outside the local area consider a book or calendar to support the startup process! 

We also have gifts and crafts for those out of the area.

 For investors we have options in mind.
We encourage questions! Options are many and while we seek to have  sensible structure we also aim to maintain that flexibility. One person may sign on for three years of a garden, eggs, a Thanksgiving turkey and 25 meat chickens, allowing two home cooked chicken dinners per month. Another may wish to try a variety - goat meat, lamb, rabbit, beef, edible flowers in their salads. Still another may love pork but not the grocery store prices.

The set dollar amount with flexible returns keeps your money more local. It benefits not only Slow Money Farm but also small USDA butchers where animals are killed humanely without a long trip by truck. It provides  modest standard of living doing what we do best.
Of course in building a farm there are basics needed. Good land is important. With pasture based animals an increased importance is given to top quality forage. Fences are needed and barns to shelter animals from bad weather and predators.

The right place is important and we've found possibilities that are sound from a location and production standpoint. No bones about it - we need to raise funds to pay for the land, basics and larger livestock animals, seeds and other basics needed to get this started. This needs to start now for fastest return with consideration to growing season.

Even gardens will take 2-3 months or more to start producing. Chicks must mature about six months before beginning to lay eggs. Turkeys must be started in the spring for Thanksgiving.

We already have started a small herd of giant chinchilla rabbits and several rare chicken breeds. A small flock of Muscovy has also joined the farm. Poultry we can start immediately, allowing turkey and other birds to grow here and be ready to carry on the breed on the farm. A flock of Dominique and Rhode Island Reds are started as well as Australorps, Buckeyes...the only breed of chicken developed by a woman.

Let's begin now!
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