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Welcome to Slow Money Farm's  main web page. Come on in, pull up a seat, let's talk.

Sign up now for 2015! Delivery to pick up points in Walker and Winston counties Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama and Nashville area in TN.

Shipping anywhere at your expense.


Visit our store or email for more information (sorry we had to remove contact forms due to high levels of spam).

SlowMoneyFarm would like to say a special THANK YOU to all of those who have supported our efforts thus far.
Both large purchases and small help us be able to do what we do. Sponsorships have provided food for those needing a hand up.

Welcome to our website! As you'll see on our navigation bar, you can now conveniently find us on social media spots like Facebook and Twitter, as well  as find our blog all from one convenient location.

We embrace food choices. When you're making food choice options it's personal. It's something that you are choosing to pay for to nourish your family. You bring food into your home for everyday dinner as well as special occasions.

Are you worried about increasing food risks? Are you concerned about how your food is raised? Are you interested in alternatives to GMO food? Do you dread seeing one more recall and wishing there was more choice in your food decisions? 

There is! Many consumers just like you are concerned and looking for options. We have food choice options.

Come browse our site. Look at our blog, Facebook and Twitter sites. Contact us for questions. Let us show you what we can do to provide food for you. Let us help you invest your hard earned money and eat well. We also have more than food – see information about memorial trees, spiritual retreat options and more.

We are "common sense food." We are food choice options. We eat the same food you will. When we grow meat chickens for customers some go in our freezer too. Food safety is important - while we believe US farmers all have that in mind, we give the option to know where and how your food is grown.

Slow food. Slow money. Good food.


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